Wera Tool Check PLUS adjustment

This is our follow up to a previous post; a plOtbOt optimisation of sorts, focusing on organization. We have a toolbox that sits near pl0tb0t and holds a variety of spare parts and utensils.

Generally it sits and collects dust acts as a second point of contact for go-to tools for the machine, outside of our primary tool's normal home: knolled around the borders of pl0tb0t's spoilboard.

The toolbox has held extra tools like a small driver set:

as well as some files and wrenches... and a handful of XCarve items like holddown clamps and older Arduino CNC shields:

 It has also held all sorts of pen fodder until recently.. With the new pen rig the box has lost some substantial view count, and it subsequently is going to be relagated to the hall 🥵!! 

The main hope today was to pull any last hot tool for the machine from the box if possible.. and after some thought, I felt with some modification the Wera toolcheck plus might be more usable than it's default config. It came with like... Torx security bits.. and a mess full of driver bits that wouldn't be helpful on pl0tb0t. Luckily in storage we have a sloppy supply if other options so it's time for adjustments!!

It may not look like much but added in is 7 subdivisions of the preexisting bit types.. 32nd Allen drivers, flats small enough for electrical headers.. long term it might be worth seeking out metric Allens which could eliminate the other remaining set of desk wrenches... They would likely replace the square drivers, which seem to be mostly for construction? 

All the options to go through are pictured below:

A comic collection, but luckily all back in their  storage box.

An organizational WIP.. but a proud release for now.

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