This was a bit of a journey. Far and away pl0tb0t's longest drawing. 4, 3 hour layers, nearing cmyk stippled imagery. Things missing from this build were balancing the color layers as well as there was no consideration for rosette configurations for smoothing color differences. 

Each layer has 6000, equally weighted points. There is a setting to control point weights as well but for this drawing all are equal. 

Results were mildly muddy and green was missed heavily, considering the source image. Also the speckles on the eggs didn't catch. On the upside, the nest had pieces of straw and grass shoe up texturally, and the eggs read.
final product

first layer

digital layer

Alpha layer - cyan 

Blue Lines + Future Coral

In March 2022, we were fortunate to be participating artists in Data Through Design (DxD) 2022 exhibit , titled “Ground Truth IRL” at The Ha...