Documentation: a ramble

Some side work. Been meaning to begin any sort of streaming documentation outside of Instagram.. painful stuff over there. Draws a lot of patience. Working through the chores of good work is always a bit of a spiral. 

For today the best of it comes to a bag. 

It was a quick buy after having some Posca pens arrive to realize their home would likely be like... a toolbox half full of pen-related debris. The toolbox isn't gone yet.. and still holds a half set of simple drivers as well as some spare parts.. but for now.. pens. 

It turned into these layouts:

Second layout is silly, holding a pl0tb0t specific set of pilot G-2s removed from their sleeves to be held in a spring-loaded mount as pl0tb0t's current universal gripper isn't springloaded.. hopefully, iteration 2 comes soon enough? We're in planning and parting.. but that's issue (post, not problem) for another time! 

Blue Lines + Future Coral

In March 2022, we were fortunate to be participating artists in Data Through Design (DxD) 2022 exhibit , titled “Ground Truth IRL” at The Ha...